Vaporizer Parts

Vaporizer Parts

Vaporizers, like smoking devices, have numerous replaceable and additional pieces and parts that support and maintain them in both the short and long term. While almost every vaporizer sold at The Joint comes with all the pieces you need to use it right away, extra parts like additional coils or an extra vapor battery charger may be purchased separately to keep your vaporizer working like the day you purchased it. 

Vaporizer Part Types 

There are a number of different types of vaporizer parts available for sale online at The Joint, including the following types:

Batteries:  cannabis vape cartridge products are used with rechargeable batteries made specifically for that purpose, like the sleek Yocan Wit that comes in multiple colors. 

Additionally, many portable vaporizers, like the popular Arizer Argo, use replaceable and rechargeable batteries, like the Fuscia 18650 3000 MAH Battery for power, and additional batteries or an extra vapor battery charger may be purchased to ensure your vaporizer is ready to go when you are. 

Coils: Mainly used with concentrate vaporizers, coils are used to heat cannabis extracts to the point of vaporization so they can be inhaled by the consumer. Most coils are constructed out of quartz or ceramic, and are designed to be replaced on a consistent basis. Many vaporizer brands make products that use coils specific to that brand, so be careful to ensure the replacement coils you are purchasing are compatible with your specific vaporizer. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the chat!

Replaceable Glass Parts: Many dry cannabis vaporizers use glass parts, including mouthpieces and bowls, that may be purchased separately for your convenience. This includes replacement mouthpieces for the popular Arizer Solo, and replacement bowls for the Arizer Extreme-Q Vaporizer.  

Refillable Pods: Some vaporizers, including the sleek and popular Yocan Evolve 2.0 Vaporizer and the Yocan Trio, use replaceable and refillable cartridge pod systems, including pods that are compatible for juice, distillate, and wax

Featured Vaporizer Brands

At The Joint we carry the largest collection of the best vaporizer part brands, whether for dry herbs like cannabis flower or extracts like wax. Some of our most popular vaporizer part brands include Atmos, Arizer, Yocan, PAX, and Airistech. With many different brands to choose from, buying a cannabis wax vaporizer online in Canada has never been easier.  

Largest Assortment and Lowest Cost

The Joint is proud to offer the largest collection of cannabis vaporizer parts in Canada, combined with the best customer service and the lowest cost, making buying the best cannabis wax vaporizer or an extra vapor battery charger online in Canada seamless and transparent. 

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