Cool New Cannabis Products

The Joint CannabisAug 11, '22

Out with the old, in with the new: The edible cannabis industry is booming. As more people dabble in cannabis, edibles are rising to the top, partly because they’re very beginner friendly.

Top Cannabis Movies

The Joint CannabisAug 8, '22

The lights are low. You’ve got a bag of popcorn beside you, and the unmistakable smell of cannabis lingers in the air. You’re all settled in to watch a movie.  Watching movies when you’re baked can be an engaging, immersive experience. But here’s the question: Which movie should you watch? We’ve put together our top picks for movies to watch when you’re high:

Winnipeg Cannabis Dispensary Announces New Lowest Pricing Model & Widest Selection Of Cannabis Products In Canada

The Joint CannabisJul 21, '22

WINNIPEG, Manitoba: The Joint Cannabis Shop, a leading Winnipeg cannabis store, is excited to announce that they are now offering the lowest pricing guarantee. With the price matching policy, customers can get the lowest prices with every purchase.  To utilize the lowest pricing model, customers need to provide proof of the...

Top Activities To Do When Using Cannabis

The Joint CannabisJun 28, '22

Your day has just opened up, and you’re free to spend it however you choose. Your bong is packed with your favourite strain of weed, and you’re all set to go. But there’s one question on your mind—what should you do next? Need some inspiration? We’ve got you covered. Check out our list of the top activities to do when you’re enjoying cannabis:

Beginners Guide To Weed

The Joint CannabisMay 11, '22

There’s a lot more to good weed than its THC content. In this blog, we’re going to cover all the qualities you should look for when choosing your cannabis: