Black Friday Cannabis and Accessory Sale

The Joint CannabisNov 22, '21

The Joint's Black Friday Cannabis and Cannabis Accessory Sale Has Arrived.     November 22nd-December 2nd In-Store and Online CANNABIS BLACK FRIDAY DOORCRASHERS Huge Savings Up to 60% On: Cannabis Pre-Roll Cannabis Flower Cannabis Extracts Cannabis Oils Cannabis Edibles All Cannabis Accessories On Sale! Bongs Pipes Rigs Rolling Papers Vaporizers Grinders...

Don’t know how to roll the joint? Try This.

Digital MarketingNov 16, '21

Many cannabis smokers are beginners and ask beginner questions like how to roll a proper joint? This is a great question that many beginners ask, but the short answer is that there are many different ways to roll the joint but here the best and easy formula is explained to do it...

Don't Like Smoking? Try 5 Alternate ways to consume Cannabis

Digital MarketingNov 15, '21

Many people are hesitant to smoke cannabis owing to evidence that it can be harmful to your health. For those who prefer not to smoke, we have 5 alternate ways to consume Cannabis which are easy and lung friendly. Here in this article you will find all the methods you...

Top 5 reasons to choose "The Joint Cannabis" for buying Cannabis products

Digital MarketingNov 1, '21

Since Cannabis was legalized in Canada in 2018, “The Joint Cannabis” store has continued its long tradition of providing the best possible products to customers. We are constantly improving our customer’s cannabis experience by adding new products and new locations to shop. We also have an online shop in which...

Different Extracts On The Market

The Joint CannabisOct 26, '21

Just like dried flower, you can purchase extracts of any strain. We’re going to go over a few different types of extracts available: