7 Best Strains to Help Improve Productivity

7 Best Strains to Help Improve Productivity

Digital MarketingJan 3, '22

These days, cannabis users mostly prefer high THC products, which has resulted in many consumers believing that all cannabis products tend to make you feel relaxed, down and sleepy, but this is not completely true. There are many products which are low in THC and high in CBD which can be used for more uplifting effects than what is normally felt with THC. Therefore many consumers have noted that when they use CBD products, it can help them stay more productive than if they only use THC products. It is obvious that our bodies are not always at their most productive. We all have times where we can’t focus on our work or we feel tired while doing chores. In these situations, choosing a strain that is known to produce higher productivity can be very helpful. There are many strains which you can choose according to the time of the day that you intend to consume. These productivity products are usually consumed earlier in the day, as opposed to later in the evening.


Durban Poison : 

This is a sweet African strain which makes a perfect choice and side dish to your morning coffee. Durban Poison was found by an african historian and strain hunder in the 1970s.  When these products are burned; it releases a sweet earthy flavor. One can also feel some sweet pine tropical scent if you squeeze the buds. This is a delicious sweet cannabis strain. It is almost pure sativa and many consumers report that it makes them feel happy, creative, focused and uplifted.


Sour Diesel : 

Sour Diesel is a legendary and historical strain that comes from the East Coast of the United States. Sour Diesel has gassy, skunky and earthy flavors of smoke when consuming it. If you are looking for one of the best all day vaping options, sour diesel can be your ultimate sidekick. It often has a THC level between 20% to 25%. Many consumers have reported using this strain as a straight substitute for coffee due to its noticeable uplifting and energetic effects. This strain is easily available at the physical stores of The Joint Cannabis and it is also available on our online website. 


Chemdog : 

This is a sativa dominant hybrid strain which many consumers report that they enjoy smoking prior to physical activity. The THC level in this strain is often around 16-19%. A legendary strain that is a parent to both OG Kush and Sour Diesel, Chemdog was originally popularized at Grateful Dead concerts.


Jack Herer : 

Another classic sativa strain is Jack herer. Known to make its consumers very energetic, it only takes a small amount to keep you busy for hours. It can be a good option if you are doing outdoor activities around your home. It gives off a light spice, floral and pine scented flavor. Feeling fresh and energized doesn’t sound like a cannabis effect, but Jack Herer may just do that.


Dutch Treat : 

This is a mid-level hybrid strain which has a pleasant and earthy flavor when burning. It is good to start with just a little bit, and just have one hit at a time to ensure you don’t go too far.  Another sativa dominant strain, Dutch Treat is a great option for those looking for energy. 


Super Lemon Haze : 

This strain is another powerful sativa strain which many consumers note creates powerful enersizing and focusing effects. A mix of lemon skunk and super skunk, this classic strain is a great go to for a summer day. 


Jack Orange : 

JackOorange is a child strain of Jack herer, and both have very similar effects. This strain is not a sativa dominant hybrid but still is also a good option to improve your productivity. This strain is known for its uplifting effects. 


Now that you know all about the most productive cannabis strains, try them out out and let us know what you think! You can purchase both in-store and also order weed online from anywhere in Manitoba or Saskatchewan. 


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