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Liquid Cleaner

Liquid cleaners are used to keep your smoking device or vaporizer clean, fresh and ready to deliver the best flavor possible from your cannabis flower and extracts. Smoking and vaporizing cannabis by any method will leave residue on your smoking device or vaporizer which builds up over time. This residue, commonly known as “resin” when referring to cannabis flower, and “reclaim” when referring to cannabis extracts, can cause restrictions in your device’s airflow, and may impart harsh and unpleasant flavors to your cannabis products. By using the appropriate liquid cleaners regularly, you can ensure that the cannabis products you consume are being experienced the way they were meant to be, and prevent the inhalation of unwanted combusted resin or reclaim. 

Types of Liquid Cleaner  

Liquid cleaners are generally created using solvents like isopropanol and acetone, and are used to chemically separate resin and reclaim from glass, either alongside agitation or soaking, which is the primary difference between most liquid cleaners. For example, some liquid cleaners, like the popular Orange Chronic Classic, are made using salt and are used by shaking your piece vigorously with the cleaner inside, while other liquid cleaners like the popular Purple Power, work by soaking your piece in them for a period of time before rinsing. Combined with tools and brushes, liquid cleaners are the most effective method of keeping any glass smoking device sparkling clean. 

Featured Liquid Cleaner Brands

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