A bubbler is a hybrid cannabis smoking device, that combines the water percolation of bongs with the simplicity and portability of pipes. Essentially, a bubbler is a pipe with a small water chamber attached, allowing for the user to draw cannabis smoke through the water before inhalation, which makes a satisfying ‘bubbling’ sound, and effectively  cools down the smoke. Bubblers are traditionally used with flower cannabis products, although attachments and styles exist that can be used with extracts as well. Bubblers are very versatile, and represent a happy medium for users who find pipes to be too harsh, and bongs to be too, large or otherwise inconvenient for any reason.

Bubbler Types 

Bubblers are mainly made out of glass and silicone. Some bubblers have built-in bowls, like the Tree Glass 7” Showerhead Sherlock, while others feature designs that allow for bowls to be swapped in and out like the Tree Glass 10” Perked Fabrige Beaker Bubbler. A bowl can also be replaced with a banger and, along with a carb cap, can be used to turn a bubbler into an effective concentrate rig. A big benefit of using a bubbler is its ability to be used interchangeably for smoking flower and extracts in the same session, simply by using a bowl or a banger. 

Featured Bubbler Brands

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