How Many Types of Joints are There to Smoke?

How Many Types of Joints are There to Smoke?

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Cannabis is a product in which there are many possible ways to consume it. Also, new methods of consumption are still coming and are being introduced all the time. People especially love to enjoy the feeling of cannabis that comes with smoking a Joint. We have all kinds of dried cannabis flowers that can be used to make a Joint at The Joint Cannabis. One can buy Cannabis flowers online as well. Many prefer to roll their joints in various ways every time to enjoy different levels of effects. To shape a perfect joint by yourself, you might need some rolling accessories that you can easily find at our store. We have a huge collection of rolling accessories from different brands

9 Best Joint Types to try : 

Here we have listed the 9 best types of joints that cannabis users like to consume in their routine. 

Basic Joint: 

This is the normal joint and it is very easy to roll. You just need a normal size rolling paper, a filter of your own choice and the cannabis material to put into it. You can make this one as small in length or in diameter as you want and as per the product you have. Many consumers also use joint rollers that make it easy to roll normal joints. 

Tulip Joint: 

Do you remember the shape of a Tulip flower/plant? The Tulip Joint is rolled such that it’s upper part is bigger like a flower and the lower part is like the stem of the plant which is attached with a filter at the bottom. Tulip joints provide a totally different feeling then a normal joint because there is more material in the middle, so at first you start with a small amount of cannabis which increases gradually, after a few seconds it reaches to extreme level and then comes down steadily. Doesn't that sound exciting?  


Fatty Joint: 

This joint is, as its name suggests, a bigger one than normal. Some folks feel they are not getting high enough with a normal size joint so they go with a bigger option which is a fatty joint. Also when two or more people are sharing a joint, a fatty joint can make a lot of sense. For fatty joints you can make it as big as you want in length or in diameter, all you need is extra material and extra rolling papers. 

Cone Joint: 

This Joint is rolled with a smaller diameter towards the filter side and the diameter increases as it goes towards the other side so it looks like an ice-cream cone. The critical part for this joint is the bottom end as it is attached with the filter. This one is also one of the popular choices among cannabis users today, with the most popular brand of Cones being Raw Cones. 

Readymade Pre-rolled Joints:

If someone wants an instant cannabis solution then the pre-rolled joint is the quickest option. Just head yourself towards our cannabis store if you are in Manitoba, Saskatchewan or in Alberta and purchase the best pre-rolled joint of your choice. 

The Scorpion Joint:

The Cannabis industry is known for its creativity in cannabis products. The Scorpion joint is one of the masterpieces in cannabis and makes for a popular social media post. It needs more time and effort to make this unique creation, but the payoff is a work of art. 

Cross Joint: 

One of the all time favorite joint options is the cross joint which was first introduced in the Hollywood movie “pineapple express” where it got its famous name, as it looks like two joints in one, in a cross shape.  

The Shotgun Joint: 

This joint looks like an old vintage gun with two pipes. It needs two filters  and two rolling papers to make it. 

The Triple Braid Joint: 

This joint also has an attractive look as it has 3 small joints interwoven with each other which makes it special to look at and smoke. Three small joints are braided together to make this, and are connected with a filter at the end. 

It is up to you when it comes to what is your favorite when it comes to Joints. Have you tried every one? To roll a good joint all you need is a good rolling paper, best filters for joints and your preferable cannabis products. Buy all of these and more on The Joint Cannabis website today. 


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