How to choose your Cannabis product according to time?

How to choose your Cannabis product according to time?

Digital MarketingDec 16, '21

There is no perfect time to consume cannabis, you can enjoy it any time you want. But, the important thing is that you can select your product according to the time of the day and the activity you are performing after that. As we all know, some cannabis products help you to get productive, energized and focused, whereas others make you feel relaxed and sleepy. Before choosing your product you must read it’s effect and percentage of THC and CBD. You can ask the store associate about the product if you are shopping in-store or if you are buying cannabis online you can always check the description on the product page. 

- Morning 

During the morning people usually like to go for exercise or want to break their sleep so the best products for the morning would be CBD products or a THC-CBD mix with the high CBD. High CBD products make you more focused and boost energy in your body that will help people to get active for the day. Some of the recommended cannabis products for the morning are Jack Herer, Green Crack, and Dutch Treat. Once you have this product you have to wait for half an hour to get out of bed after you wake up or after the alarm rung-up. This will help you make your day wonderful. If you feel tired or do not get proper sleep, have these high CBD cannabis products in the morning and you may feel more fresh and productive. 

- Afternoon 

Everyone wants this time to be productive because most people are at work during this time. They want themselves to be more focused, creative and non-lazy so many cannabis smokers are advised to take sativa products which do not cause as many narcotic effects. Generally during this time, folks like to consume cannabis edibles such as cookies, gummies or beverages because it is easy to carry and consume and also its effect stays longer than smoking.  Some of the product suggestions for the afternoon are lemon kush, Candyland and BlueBerry.  

- Night

This is the time when everyone likes to enjoy cannabis most so they definitely choose stronger cannabis products with high THC. They want to get high during evening time and this should be the to chill and remove stress. The most popular high THC cannabis products are cookies and cream, white fire OG, death star and bubba kush.

- For Long weekends

Sometimes many people feel lots of stress from their routine busy schedule, stressful work and everything, for those people long weekends definitely prove to be a good tonic. During these times , they like to get disconnected from others and want to enjoy the chill. So the best product for a long weekend should definitely be THC dominant indica products. You can consume cannabis for weekends in the form of a Joint or one can use vaping or dabing. 

After reading this article, consumers should be able to choose their products wisely according to different times of the day. Keep connected with the Joint cannabis blogs to get more knowledge on cannabis. 


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