Check out the Cannabis Collection for Christmas at “The Joint Cannabis”

Check out the Cannabis Collection for Christmas at “The Joint Cannabis”

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Holiday season is knocking at the door, with parties and festivities already underway. What is your favorite way to celebrate the holidays? The last couple of years have seen smaller celebrations than usual but this year appears to be back on track for some much needed holiday spirit. Choosing the right cannabis products during the holiday and Christmas season is the key to fully enjoying it. If you are concerned about keeping up with everyone else, it may be a good time to try some of the best CBD Products in Winnipeg, Saskatoon or Regina from our large collection.


Top 5 best CBD products for the Christmas and holiday season: 


  • Pur Cloud CBD 510 Vape Cartridge
  • This CBD product is from Blissco. Pur Cloud CBD 510 Vape Cartridges are made using CBD distillate from PK, a CBD flower known for its unique attributes and reintroduced CO2 extracted cannabis terpenes. Compatible with 510 thread devices. Batteries can be purchased online or at our physical stores in Manitoba. This vape cartridge contains 20.00 to 50.00 mg THC and 350 to 400 mg CBD. 


  • SYNC 15 Mint Chocolate & Linalool CBD Oil
  • This CBD Oil is one of the best options to add flavour to your edibles, as it already has the taste of milk chocolate and linalool CBD Oil. This SYNC 15 Mint chocolate & linalol CBD oil is formulated with natural ingredients which are 100% organic coconut-derived. The new mess-free dispenser accurately measures out each dose so that you can consume with confidence. It also features a hint of Lavender. This is hybrid cannabis CBD that contains THC of 3 mg and CBD of 14.00 to 18.00 mg. 


  • CBD Skunk Haze Flower
  • This CBD product can give you high-quality genuine cannabis effects without the impairment that can happen from high THC products. This CBD skunk haze flower is a classic cross of Skunk #1 and Haze, it is moderately high in cbd potency and has been reported to cause long lasting body  effects. The aromatic essence is of spicy cedar wood alongside tones of citrus, pine, and mint. Its flavour is bold and includes that of an earthy musk with the fresh notes of citrus and pine shining through. This hybrid dried cannabis flower contains 4.00 to 10.00% of THC and 5.00 to 10.00% of CBD. 


  • Penelope Flower
  • This CBD dried flower is the greatest product from the greatest weed brand “Tweed”. This product is naturally grown in a greenhouse and it is a Hybrid product. It has medium THC potency, narrow yet dense buds, brightly coloured pistils, and a piney aroma created by the alpha-pinene in the terpene profile. It contains 7.76% THC and 6.12% CBD. 


  • CBD Dark Chocolate
  • There are many options when it comes to edibles cannabis products with CBD. CBD Dark chocolate is one of our favorite options. Every Chowie Wowie CBD Dark Chocolate package contains one piece of dark chocolate with 20 mg of CBD that is breakable into two portions.


    Combo Deals for Christmas!

    As always, we feature the best combo options for the upcoming Christmas season. For this Christmas, we have introduced two of our best ever combo products. The first one is the Munch Smoke Vape Gift Box Bundle Deal, that include a holiday gift box from Tweed, a Hindu Kush flower (3.5g), a TwD indica vape (0.50ml), and a TwD Sativa & Strawberry Gummies (5*2.0mg). The second best combo for Cannabis is our OZ of Apple Pie Gift Box Bundle Deal that includes 1 Tweed gift box and a TwD Apple Pie Flower (28.0 g). 


    Get the Best Discount! 

    Are you looking for the best discount on Cannabis products? If yes then you landed in the right spot because we are giving discounts of up to 60% on almost all our products. For some of the products the offer is extended until the end of the first week of January so you have enough time to try everything you might want to try. The sale is huge so do your Christmas cannabis shopping today, order Cannabis online or walk-in in to our nearest store to find the perfect product that’s right for you. 


    What are you waiting for? You know everything about what the best CBD products to buy for Christmas are, and where to get the best deals! Don’t forget your cannabis accessories as well, and remember that we are open throughout the Christmas and new years. 


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