Sativa vs Indica vs Hybrid

Sativa vs Indica vs Hybrid

The Joint CannabisApr 12, '21

Have you ever wondered why some strains of cannabis make some people say they feel alert and energized, while others cause them to say they create feelings of relaxation and calm? Depending on the strain, an individual’s experience with cannabis may be vastly different. 

You might see all kinds of unusual names for different strains of pot—there’s Girl Scout Cookies, More Cowbell, and Unicorn Poop. But did you know that these strains can have different effects when consumed? 

Sativas and Indicas are opposites in many ways, from their appearance to their effects. We’re here to outline some of the differences between them and explain why hybrid strains are so common.

Here’s what you can expect when consuming different strains of cannabis:



Sativa plants have thin leaves that are light green. They’re tall and slim. In warm, humid climates, Sativa plants thrive. The strength of different cannabinoids and terpenes varies, but most Sativas have more THC than CBD. 

Many consumers have reported that Sativas are more cerebral than Indicas. They often report feelings of energy, creativity, and euphoria. The buds are less dense and more feathery.

If you smoke, vaporize, or ingest cannabis Sativa, you may notice what some other consumers have noticed - feelings of alertness or a head high. Many cannabis consumers find that Sativa helps them concentrate. Due to their uplifting effects, Sativas are often used in the daytime. 



You might have jokingly heard this strain referred to as “in da couch” due to its commonly reported full-body effects. Indicas are known for being reported by consumers to make them feel sleepy, hungry, and calm.

The Indica plant itself has wider and shorter leaves than Sativa plants. It’s a dark green, broad plant with dense buds. These plants fare better in colder climates. Most Indicas have a higher CBD to THC ratio than Sativas do. However, that doesn’t mean they have a low THC content.

Since Indica strains have been reported by consumers to cause feelings of calm and sedation, they’re usually consumed at night. Many consumers report that paired with a movie, good book, or your favourite album, consuming a strain of Indica creates an evening of deep relaxation.



Hybrid strains are a result of cross-breeding Sativas and Indicas to produce specific effects. When consuming hybrids, you’ll often notice a combination of the experiences described above.

You may see a hybrid categorized as balanced, Sativa-dominant, or Indica-dominant. The THC-CBD content varies greatly between different strains, so look for the ratios of these cannabinoids on the packaging of the product.


Do Different Strains Really Produce Different Effects?

Some believe that distinctions between Sativas and Indicas are more useful for growers than consumers. Due to many years of cross-breeding, it can be tough to find a pure strain of Sativa or Indica—most are hybrids.

Keep in mind that although strains tend to cause consumers to report certain effects, cannabis can affect everyone differently. Even if you consume a Sativa, you may end up with a case of the munchies. Be sure to go slowly and monitor how you’re feeling before using more.

So, which do you prefer: Indicas, Sativas, or hybrids? Some consumers aren’t picky, while others will only use a specific strain! 

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