Travelling with Cannabis in Canada: What to take care of?

Travelling with Cannabis in Canada: What to take care of?

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Canada is a huge country in terms of area and has many tourist locations across the different provinces. Many Canadians enjoy going to other provinces as their travelling trip mostly in summer. During their travelling they may want to consume Cannabis to enjoy the vacation. But before you take cannabis with you on your trip, there are some things that you might need to know. You might be able to find cannabis stores all across Canada or you can also order weed online from our store and we will deliver it to any address in Saskatchewan or Manitoba. If you are planning on travelling with cannabis on your next trip, the following things should be kept in mind:

- Can I travel with Cannabis? 

Cannabis is legal all over Canada, and you may travel with it, but the provincial governments have their own rules and regulations about cannabis products, the legal age to consume and more. Make sure that you are above the legal age in every place you plan to go, as in some provinces the legal age for cannabis is 18, and in others it is 19. There is also the same rule in all provinces that you can not carry more than 30 grams of cannabis product with you, including across provincial borders. Be aware that it is extremely illegal to cross any international border with cannabis as it is a criminal offense, and it doesn't matter if you are driving or flying. Also you can not take cannabis with you across the border when you enter Canada from another country. Driving while under the influence of cannabis is also prohibited, including in Canada.

- Which cannabis accessories are best during travel? 

Are you able to carry a huge glass bong or dab rig? The answer is usually no because it is very difficult to pack it properly and take care of it during your travelling, and it also consumes lots of space in your bag. So, a better solution is that you choose travel friendly cannabis accessories from our collection such as the following:

Pocket Friendly Vaporizers: 

Vaping is the easiest option during travelling. You can take a pocket size vaporizer which are very easy to carry in your pocket and you can enjoy cannabis anytime and anywhere. We have a huge collection of pocket size vaporizers with different brands and with various unique options according to your choice. 

Joint Holder/container: 

Your joint can get messy or get broken if you put it anywhere in a regular bag. You need to put it into a joint holder or a container. We have specially designed plastic containers that can save your joints. It is the same size as your joint so you can carry it anywhere you go. So, this is also a good option to take with you during your picnic or vacations.

Smelly proof bags:  

If you put your cannabis with your clothes or with other things, it can easily transfer it’s smell to those of your personal things. The best solution to this problem is to have smelly proof bags with you during travel. If you put your cannabis into it, then you don’t get the smell of cannabis out of it. 

- What Cannabis Products are best during picnic or camping

Your cannabis products also need to be chosen according to your travel plan. If you go mountain climbing or hiking or cycling then you may want to have CBD cannabis products so it will make you more energized. And if you are going to any relaxed place like the beach and or any peaceful environment then you might like the THC products which help you enjoy their peaceful environment. You can also choose a hybrid Cannabis product as per your choice from the Joint Cannabis. 

Before making any travel plans with cannabis, read these tips and guides so you won't have any problem throughout your trip. And it is always better to get your cannabis through a local store in that province. You can explore all of our store locations in Winnipeg prior to your trip. 

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