Avoid these common mistakes while storing your weed

Avoid these common mistakes while storing your weed

Digital MarketingDec 28, '21

Do you think that storing weed is as simple as storing food? It can be that easy if you follow proper methods and use the proper accessories to store your cannabis. Many new users have trouble storing cannabis properly as they might sometimes not be aware about the proper techniques or they might sometimes just forget. And this will result in their cannabis products not staying fresh for very long. So the following are ways to save your dried flowers for longer time, by choose proper cannabis storage accessories and avoid these common mistakes:  

Storing in normal plastic bags

People are used to storing their cannabis in normal bags and just leaving that bag somewhere. But this is not good practice because that normal bag is not smell proof the cannabis smell will not stay in the bag. You also lose the freshness and quality of your cannabis buds if stored in a normal bag. The best way to store your buds is to get smelly proof bags from the Joint cannabis store. These bags are intentionally made to store weed for a long time and it is smell proof for ease of mind.

Not storing in air-tight container 

Proper containers are also a key to success in Cannabis storage. Sometimes you might leave your cannabis flowers in a plastic container which might be a good option. The important thing is that you need an air-tight container to maintain the freshness of products for a longer time. One can get a proper cannabis storage container at our nearest cannabis store. They are available in various sizes. You can get one according to your cannabis products. 

Storing in the Fridge

Everyone thinks that there is nothing wrong with storing cannabis in the fridge as we all are used to storing food in the fridge. But when you store cannabis in the fridge it loses a lot of the moisture from the cannabis buds which results in a dry product, with lesser effect than the original. So, it is better that we do not store the cannabis in the fridge. 

Leaving the products in grinders

This is a common and silly mistake all cannabis users tend to make. After grinding the flowers, they start to make joints and then they go to enjoy the Joint and forget about the leftover weed in the grinder. That leftover weed might stay there for a long time and lose its freshness. So, never leave any products in your grinders, store them in a proper air-tight container. 

Not keeping in a safe place away from Children

Children are always curious to check new things whenever they see something around them. So keeping your cannabis away from the kids is always a good plan. The Joint Cannabis sells many products that can be used to safely store cannabis away from children, pets and other vulnerable individuals. 

Storing different product in the same container

Many cannabis users are used to mixing multiple cannabis products into a single container which will never give you the same taste and affect whenever you consume it. Both products tend to make each other worse. The best way to store two different products is by storing them in two separate containers.

Storing it in unclean container 

Storing in unclean containers is also not a good practice - you always need to clean your container properly before using it. Depending on what was previously in the container, the taste and smell of cannabis products can be greatly affected.  

Make sure to follow the best practices related to cannabis storage. Following these simple steps will allow you to get the most enjoyment and freshness from your product. We have our physical store in Manitoba, Sachkechwan and in Alberta you can visit personally to check our collection, and purchase storage accessories today. 


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