6 Best Cannabis Infused Drinks to Try in Your Daily Routine!

6 Best Cannabis Infused Drinks to Try in Your Daily Routine!

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Cannabis continues to gain popularity very quickly and more and more consumers are making it a part of their everyday routine. One of the newest innovations that has happened in the cannabis industry is the introduction of cannabis infused beverages, which is a welcome new way to consume cannabis that does not require any smoking, vaping or eating. Instead, cannabis is consumed in a beverage similar to how alcohol is consumed. Here we share some of the best cannabis infused drinks. You might need to get some basic things to make these drinks and you might also like to order weed online rather than visiting the nearest store.

Cannabis Infused Milk: 

Cannabis milk can be a great pairing with your tea or coffee. It is perfect to start your day with good energy, you just have to choose CBD cannabis products and you will feel energized after having this cannabis flavored milk. The recipe to make the milk with cannabis is very easy. You just have to get your milk into a pot and warm it up and then break down your weed into the milk and let it simmer for about 30-45 minutes. You then strain the cannabis out of your milk with a cheesecloth and your weed infused milk is ready to consume whenever you want. You can also make other recipes like milkshakes or bubble tea etc. 

Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil: 

Many people have dairy allergies and they are not able to have the cannabis flavored milk, so what’s the best option for them as a drink? You might love to have coconut Oil with cannabis flavor in it. You can make edibles with cannabis infused coconut  oil. To make this oil you need a 1 cup ground weed and 1 cup coconut oil. You can use a cooker to make your life easy by making this oil. Mix the coconut and ground cannabis and put the mixture in the cooker and start cooking it on a low flame. You need to stir the mixture occasionally.  You can use your own recipe to use this coconut oil with any other edibles, or to make beverage products.

Weed Smoothie:

Looking for healthy drinks that have cannabis in it? Then we have a green weed smoothie for you. This very easy recipe works if you have cannabis flavoured coconut oil and cannabis syrup ready. Apart from these two things you will need 2 cups of spinach, a tablespoon of almond butter, a banana, a tablespoon of protein powder, a cup of water or almond milk. Mix all the things together in the mixture or in a blender and you will get your smoothie ready.   

Cannabis Iced Tea:

We will add cannabis in the form of Cannabutter. To make this iced tea you will need 6-8 Chai tea bags, 8cups of boiling water, a little bit of sugar, sweetened milk according to your need, and 4-5 tablespoons of melted cannabutter.  Now, put the tea bags in boiling water for 4-5 minutes, then remove the tea bags and add the mixture of milk and cannabutter. After you add the  milk mixture, stir the tea very well and enjoy the tea. 

Weed infused Milkshake:

This drink recipe is a customized recipe in which you can change the flavor according to your choice. To make your favorite Milkshake choose your preferable flavored ice cream to make the Milkshake. To make this mouth watering cannabis Milkshake, you need to add some cannabis milk, sugar and a vanilla extract. Mix all the ingredients in a blender and your Milkshake will be ready. 

Cannabis infused pre-workout protein shake:

The protein shake recipe is similar to our green smoothie recipe, the extra things you need for this is protein powder and oats in this shake along with cannamilk, peanut butter, Banana and Spinach. Choose your cannabis products according to your choice but make sure you calculate the THC so you know the effect of it. This will be really helpful for you to do a good workout. 

All of these cannabis infused drinks are really easy to make at home and do not need any extra or special ingredients. Have you tried cannabis infused beverages? Visit our website at The Joint Cannabis and choose one to try today.


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