Cannabis 2.0 Is Here, Cannabis 3.0 Is On It's Way!

Cannabis 2.0 Is Here, Cannabis 3.0 Is On It's Way!

The Joint CannabisFeb 26, '20

2.0 Was Great, But What's Next?

Cannabis 2.0 brought loads of new products to the marketplace. Chocolates, gummies, cookies, disposable vapes, cartridge vapes, tea, and kief have been awesome and delivered on all of their promises. These products have been legal since October 19th 2019 and are constantly hitting the shelves as new products are released to the market.

The reason products have been delayed is due to the regulatory timelines and approval processes put in place by Health Canada. Products cannot be released to the market and are not legal ship and sell until licensed producers have received an amended license, submit products for a 60-day review period, and finally pass quality assurance standards. When products meet these criteria, they may be introduced to the market. The 60 day review period guaranteed no products would hit the shelves until Dec 2019 at the earliest. Due to the time crunch and complexity of submitting the products for review many licensed producers still have products in this review period as we speak.

In the next few month over 100 more SKU's of Cannabis edibles are expected to hit the market Including:

Cannabis Beverages

Cannabis Beverage Product Types Still To Come

  • Cannabis Flavoured Soda
  • Cannabis Sparkling Water

Cannabis Beverage Brands Submitted For Review

  • Tweed
  • Haven St
  • Houseplant
  • THC BioMed
  • Flow Glow

Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis Topicals Product Types

  • Cannabis Creams
  • Cannabis Bath Salts
  • Cannabis Body Butter
Cannabis Topical Brands Submitted For Review
  • Earth Dragon
  • United Greeneries
  • CBD Acres
  • More Coming


Cannabis Extracts

Cannabis Extract Product Types Still To Come

  • Shatter
  • Wax
  • Rosin
  • Hash
Cannabis Extract Brands Submitted For Review
  • Fireside
  • Canna Farms
  • More Coming


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