On What Occasions Do People Usually Like to Smoke Weed?

On What Occasions Do People Usually Like to Smoke Weed?

Digital MarketingDec 9, '21

Many cannabis consumers are consuming cannabis regularly these days but there are a couple of extra special days and occasions where cannabis is consumed. It is obvious that on a special day or occasion we always get together with family members or with friends and we all are in a festive mood, so to match that, it is nice to consume cannabis products that we do not regularly have. We try to get some special feelings on those days. and while you might be busy with family functions or occasions and not able to go to the store and purchase cannabis, we at the Joint cannabis provide online weed delivery to your home so you can go to our website and order your cannabis product from us. Here are some special occasions where people usually like to smoke weed: 

1) April 20th -  4/20: 

Every cannabis smoker is very familiar with the word “4/20”. It means April 20th which is known as cannabis day. There are many different beliefs for this day, and many people are celebrating it in different ways. Some people in the USA are still fighting with some state governments in the form of rallies and protests on this day to get marijuana legalized in the state where it is still illegal. Some other legalized states in the USA are enjoying this as a celebration of legalization. There are major sales going on for this day at every retail store so it is also a great day for cannabis consumers to get great deals and enjoy their weed on 4/20.    


2) October 17: 

Same as 4/20 in the USA, October 17th is the big day in Canada for cannabis users. This is the anniversary of the date cannabis was made legal in Canada, so many consumers like to smoke cannabis on this date to celebrate October 17th. Many cannabis retail stores choose to open their new locations on this day as well. There are also promotional cannabis products available in-store and online on this day. 


3) July 10 -7/10: 

The 7/10 is known as the Cannabis Oil day or Cannabis dab day. It is still somewhat of a mystery why we celebrate this day on 10th July. People are used to celebrating this day with the dab ring, cannabis concentrate or cannabis oil. The biggest reason given for why July 10th is a special day is that if you take “710” and turn it upside down, it spells “OIL”


4) 19th Birthday:

Someone’s 19th birthday may be extra special for someone who is curious to smoke weed. He/she might have been waiting for this day for a long time because on this day they become old enough to buy and consume cannabis in many Canadian Provinces, including Manitoba. So for some people, their 19th birthday may be used to organize a grand cannabis party in which they may like to order cannabis products online with different THC Levels so everyone can enjoy them according to their choice. 


5) Christmas / New Years: 

Christmas and New years are always the time to celebrate the Holiday season where everyone is sending gifts to each other and enjoying themselves. Usually people are celebrating these days with alcohol but it isn’t for everyone. The holidays are always a popular time to use cannabis, especially people who do not enjoy alcohol.


6) Long weekends/Summer Vacation  - going on hikes, camping etc.

Canada mostly gets covered with snow and cold during the winter months so people aren't able to go out on those days, so the time they enjoy most for picnics and similar activities is the summer months. During summer many travelers like to go hiking and camping, also there are many long-weekends happening during summer so everyone likes to enjoy that. During these relaxing times people like to enjoy cannabis a lot. They can also choose different options like cannabis edibles or pre-rolled joints or they may like to go with travel friendly vaporizers.    

These are some of the popular occasions on which people like to consume cannabis. Check out our cannabis collection and choose the best product for your occasion. 

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