Don’t know how to roll the joint? Try This.

Don’t know how to roll the joint? Try This.

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Many cannabis smokers are beginners and ask beginner questions like how to roll a proper joint? This is a great question that many beginners ask, but the short answer is that there are many different ways to roll the joint but here the best and easy formula is explained to do it quickly. An important key to success in rolling the Joint is to have good rolling accessories that you can buy online from our website or can visit our huge collection at our nearest store.

Things to take care of while rolling the joint: 

Make sure you have the correct amount of cannabis flower. For beginners ½ gram is recommended. You also need the correct size cutting of the rolling paper along with a filter to be fit on the one end of your joint. The last and most important thing is to make sure you have a cannabis grinder, so you can grind the good stuff which will help to burn cannabis smoothly and evenly. You can try a pre-rolled joint as a reference before making yourself; we are providing same day cannabis delivery in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan and ship cannabis accessories across Canada. 

Steps to roll the joint: 

Step 1: Grind the Dried Cannabis

After packing in the correct weight of the cannabis dried flower, grind it well. You can try various types of grinders including 2-piece, 3-piece and 4-piece grinders. If you get one 4-piece grinder then it will make your life easier because you will get good teeth, a screen and a storage cabinet. The finer you grind the flower, the more it will stick to your papers, so be careful. If you don’t have a grinder then you can do it by hand and use other options like scissors. 

Step 2: Filter 

Almost every smoker prefers to have a filter on their joint because it prevents the dried flowers from going into your mouth. One can easily make the filter at home by themselves, you just need a thin piece of paper rolled in a small diameter of around 1 or 2 mm. You can also purchase a readymade filter from The Joint Cannabis store.  Next, place the filter at the end of the rolling paper. 

Step 3: Fill the paper with weed and roll it up

Now along with the filter place your grounded weed on the rolling paper and also keep some grounded weed apart to fill it up later. After filling up the weed, roll the paper with the fingers and thumb and make sure the weed gets pressed so it makes the joint harder. Next, Tap the joint on the ground from the filter side and top up the extra weed from the top of the roll/joint. You can press it with any pencil or pen on the top. Nowadays, people prefer to use a rolling tray and rolling machine to roll the Joint which helps to make a perfect joint every time. 

Step 4:  Final step

Now, the joint is almost done, wrap it up from the top and twist it nicely, and then it’s ready to enjoy!!!

Everyone can now feel confident that they are able to roll the joint easily by following this method. Rolling joints is a great way to enjoy many different types of cannabis flower products. 


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