What are the best ways to clean cannabis accessories?

What are the best ways to clean cannabis accessories?

Digital MarketingNov 3, '21

Nowadays there are many different kinds of Cannabis accessories available in physical stores as well as in online shops. Many consumers enjoy finding new ways to consume cannabis by using these various accessories. But one of the most overlooked aspects of cannabis accessories is how important it is to keep them clean and sparkly after using them. Maintenance is key to using your valuable products for a long time. Here are some suggestions and important tips and cleaning products that can help you clean and maintain your cannabis accessories: 

But first, why should you clean your cannabis accessories regularly? Many reasons, including: 

-Taste: Taste and flavor are important aspects of the cannabis that you choose to consume, so having a clean bong, pipe or vape is crucial to enjoying the actual taste and flavor of your cannabis. 
-Smell: Nothing smells more rank than a dirty bong that hasn’t been cleaned. Cleaning your accessories regularly will ensure your living space smells fresh. 
-Difficulty: The longer you wait to clean your accessories, the harder they are to clean. Staying on top of it keeps the job simple and easy.


Cleaning Bongs : 

    One of the main benefits of consuming Cannabis using Bongs is that filtrates the smoke on top of coming in a wide range of styles and designs. To get the most out of the water filtration, make sure to keep your bong clean. One of the best tips to keeping a clean bong is to change the water every time you use it. To clean your glass products, the standard method is by using a mixture of alcohol and salt. Firstly, remove all the parts, like the stem and bowl, then put the mixture of alcohol and salt in the bong and shake it well. Then rinse it with water. Here, at “The Joint Cannabis” you can buy some good liquid cleaner to clean Cannabis accessories. If someone is using the bongs daily then it is good to clean it using cleaner at least every week. 



      When it comes to pipes, cleaning your pipes after using them is always the best practice. Cleaning a pipe is an easy process, all you need is a zip-lock bag, alcohol and salt. Put your alcohol and salt in a zip lock bag, mix all well, then put your pipe into it, shake it well, let it sit there overnight and after that wash the pipe with warm water and wipe it with clean cloth. There are also many readymade liquids available at our store that are specially made to clean all types of cannabis accessories including pipes.



          Vaporizers are often shared between different people, so it is a good habit to clean the mouth-piece regularly.  Every vaporizer is unique, so be sure to follow the manufacturer's directions when it comes to cleaning and maintenance of any individual unit.


          We hope you have found this article helpful. If you want to learn more or purchase cannabis accessory cleaners and other cannabis accessory products stop into any one of our physical locations or use our convenient online shop!


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