9 Best Cannabis Grinders to Buy for the Best Results

9 Best Cannabis Grinders to Buy for the Best Results

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When smoking weed, it can be very frustrating to face common problems, like the weed not being ground finely enough, or it was ground too fine and is getting in your mouth while smoking. Or you keep having issues where your joints don’t stay lit and keep going out while you smoke them. If these issues sound familiar, it may be time to look at your grinder, and potentially consider upgrading. In this article we review some of the best Cannabis grinders to buy in Canada to ensure a premium smoking experience. It is always worthwhile to do some research to ensure that you are purchasing the best cannabis accessory for your purposes.

1: RYOT 3-Piece GR8TR All-Wood Grinder

RYOT 3-Piece GR8TR All-Wood Grinder

This is a pure wooden grinder with wood teeth that makes it strong and reliable. It also has a magnet and dowel snap closure. This is a 3-piece grinder that is made by the RYOT brand. It features a deep dish grinding chamber and bonus storage. If you love wood, these are the grinders for you! Put your favorite herb inside and turn the lid. The weed will grind and fall through and be stored in the bottom compartment.

2: Kannastor GR8TR V2 Series Grinder w/ Solid Screen Chamber and Stainless Easy Change Screen in Rose Gold

Kannastor GR8TR V2 Series Grinder

This is another 3-piece grinder constructed out of a stainless steel material and made by Kannastor Brand. It has customisable grinding options, and you can choose from medium to fine grind options according to how fine the grind you want. With this 3-piece grinder, you find it can easily fit all your products and it’s also easy to clean, so you do not waste any of your weed material. It’s plate is interchangeable and also the screen is easily removable and changeable.


3: Wolf Grinder Combo Crusher All In One

Wolf Grinder Combo Crusher All In One

This is a multi purpose all-in-one grinder from the Wolf brand and it has a kind of swiss-army structure. It has 6 multi functional elements including a Bic Mini lighter holster, removable pipe with a quartz glass bowl and swivel cover, pick piece, bottle opener, kief catch, and grinder. This is the perfect device for those who love to go for adventure trips and consume cannabis during their journey.

4: Kannastor Multi Chamber Grinder w/ Microfilament Easy Change Screen 2.5" BLACK

Kannastor Multi Chamber Grinder

This is a 2.5” multi chamber grinder that is made by the Kannastor brand, and can be broken down as per your requirements. It comes in various colour options with a replaceable screen, Kannastor original multi-chamber grinder, improved materials, magnets, a perfectly smooth polished base tray, and deeper sifting chamber for an easier pour.

5: CanaCrush Grooved 2" 2-Piece Grinder

CanaCrush Grooved 2" 2-Piece Grinder

This Canacrush 2” 2-piece grinder has a unique and attractive design. This item is made of super strong aircraft grade aluminum. Excellent and smooth grinding guaranteed and the Teeth are razor sharp. The screens are very tight. you cannot go wrong in buying this excellent grinder.

6: Party Size Electric Grinder v2

Party Size Electric Grinder v2

As the name suggests, this is an electric grinder that can be used for parties and can grind more material at one time. This high-powered shredder can be used to give you a perfect cut blend. You can pack the chamber with up to 50 grams of material at a time! And with the use of a simple push-button, you can grind all of that material. The electric Herb Grinder is ideal for those who have difficulty twisting and turning a traditional grinder along with those who wish to grind large amounts all at once.

7: Grinder Santa Cruz Shredder 4-Piece Medium Rasta

Grinder Santa Cruz Shredder 4-Piece Medium Rasta

This is a multicolor 4-piece grinder from Santa Cruz which is one of the most popular brands for grinders. This medical-grade anodized aluminum herb SHREDDER is the ultimate in new herb Shredder technology. Every element of this device has been analyzed and improved upon, from the revolutionary tooth design and threading pattern to the rare earth magnet used in the lid closure system. It is a product from the USA and it is shipped from the USA.

8: High Roller Cone Filling Grinder

High Roller Cone Filling Grinder

This is also a multi-purpose grinder which provides an easy and convenient way to pack cones. With this product you will find a compact grinder and cone loader in one device. This product from the roll it club prepares the perfect cone each time within seconds without product waste, mess or odor.

9: Rolling Club 2.5" 2 Piece Hex Grinder

Rolling Club 2.5" 2 Piece Hex Grinder

Another 2.5” 2 piece grinder with a unique Hex shape. It has two chambers: the top teeth and bottom chamber with teeth as well. Put your cannabis in between and then you can grind your product. This device is made by Rolling club.

These are all very good options in terms of grinders. So, for next time when you order weed online do not forget to look at all the grinders options and choose your best one according to your requirements.


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