9 Common Mistakes to Avoid while cooking with Cannabis

9 Common Mistakes to Avoid while cooking with Cannabis

Digital MarketingFeb 16, '22

Anyone who enjoys making cannabis edibles at home has had experiences where the products they made didn’t turn out quite the way they wanted them too. Here we have compiled a list of some of the most common mistakes that you can avoid while cooking your cannabis at home. You can order cannabis edibles online that you can use to make some other delicious dishes. These are the most common mistakes that you should make sure to avoid:

  • 1: Using cannabis flowers directly for cooking :

  • Many people have made the mistake of using raw flower material directly in their cooking but it is not the right way to use cannabis flowers. The first thing to do with dry cannabis before using it for cooking is decarboxylation. The process is very simple, preheat the oven to 110-120 C, then on a cookie sheet put all the grounded cannabis buds. Put the cookie sheet in the oven for 45 minutes - 1 hour but do not forget to stir every 15 minutes. After one hour the cannabinoids in the cannabis should be activated and now you can use it in your edibles.

  • 2: Not Adding water to Cannabutter or Cannabis Oil:

  • It is important to add water to cannabutter because if you do not add water to cannabutter or cannabis oil then it is very easy to burn and ruin a whole batch. There are no precise rules for how much water to add, and the best bet is to keep an eye on it while cooking. Another method to avoid burning your cannabis is to set up a double boiler and use that to infuse your butter or oil without the need to add water directly to it.

  • 3: Straining the Cannabutter all the way to last drop:

  • Once you get to the part of straining your infused cannabutter you need to be careful with straining it because you do not have to go to hard with it. So, take a normal cheesecloth that you usually use in the kitchen, strain all the material with the cloth, but don’t push hard with the cloth or you will get unwanted plant material in the final product.

  • 4: Using cannabis that has been ground too fine:

    If you are grinding your cannabis buds to fine then it is difficult to take it all out from the final product, so never ground the cannabis flowers too fine. So, to avoid getting grassy flavor in the edibles, try to grind the cannabis flowers by hand with scissors, to ensure a grind that won’t result in unwanted plant material.

  • 5: Not Testing Edibles Before Using Them:

    It is always better to test your edibles by having a small amount and waiting for the effect for at least one hour. Once you get to know the rough potency of your edibles then you can adjust the dose accordingly. From the Joint cannabis one can buy cannabis oil with in store shopping options or by shopping online, which can be used to accurately dose any food you want.

  • 6: Underestimating the Effects of Edibles:

    Understanding the effect of your cannabis product is really important before using them. Edible products are often stronger than smoking cannabis buds. Always remember to start low and go slow when trying any new type of cannabis product.

  • 7: Not Stirring Enough:

    When you are adding cannabis butter or oil in any recipe then it is important to stir it well to get it mixed with the other content. If you have not mixed it accurately then you might end up with some edibles that are extra strong and some that are not strong at all. So stirring well is the key to successful cannabis edibles.

  • 8: Miscalculating Potency:

  • When using cannabis flowers to make cannabis butter and then using that cannabutter in recipes, it is important to understand the strength of the initial cannabis and how that might translate into dosage in final edible form. Making sure that you understand how to convert cannabis potentiates and calculate dosages is very important when determining how much of a product you should use.

  • 9: Cooking using too high of a temperature:

  • In any kind of cooking, temperature is always important to get the final product correct. With cannabis, it is very important to cook over a very low heat to ensure the cannabis does not get burned and wasted before you are able to eat it.

    If you manage to avoid all these mistakes the next time you make edibles, your edibles will come out delicious, mouth watering and accurately dosed! Bon appetit!


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