Boxing Day Sale is Extended until the end of January 2022!

Boxing Day Sale is Extended until the end of January 2022!

Digital MarketingJan 4, '22

Did you miss out on some of the great cannabis holiday sales? Or just want to try some new products? Well not to worry!  To welcome the New Year 2022 we are bringing in the new year with another HUGE cannabis sale and it will continue for the whole month of January with big discounts. We have discounts on all cannabis dried flowers, all CBD products, cannabis edibles, all cannabis accessories such as bongs, vaporisers, bubblers, and so much more! See the detailed information below or visit our website to buy cannabis products online. 

Cannabis Dried Flowers: 

Celebrate the new year in style by enjoying some new cannabis products! Browse our collection of dried cannabis flowers and choose your favourite product or buy something new to try. We have a huge discount going on almost every dried flower product. On top of that, we have full stock of all the sativa, indica and hybrid flowers from major brands including Tweed, Broken Coast and Canaca so you will be sure you find something you like. 

CBD Products: 

CBD is gaining popularity very quickly and is now becoming one of the favorite options for many daily cannabis consumers. People enjoy CBD for many reasons, not least of which is that it won’t impair you like THC will. CBD products are available at all our locations in Manitoba, Alberta and in Saskatchewan.   

Cannabis Edibles: 

Cannabis edibles are one of the most popular categories of cannabis products ever since being legalized in Canada. There are many options available including gummies, chocolates, and drinks. You can also make many homemade cannabis dishes by simply using some ready made products like cannabis oil. One can also buy readymade cannabis edibles online such as cannabis chocolates, cannabis gummies, cannabis beverages and many more. 

Cannabis Accessories: 

It’s time to make a real investment in your cannabis accessories to make the most of your hard earned money. If you did not have a chance to grab some of your favorite accessories during our Boxing Day sale, now is another great chance to do so!

  • Rolling Accessories: 
If you are a huge fan of joints and smoke your cannabis daily then you will need a good stock of Rolling accessories like rolling papers, filter papers, Grinders, a joint holder, joint roller, rolling tray, etc. You can also order pre-rolled joints online from us during this new year's sale. These are undoubtedly some of the best prices that have ever been available. 
  • Smoking Devices: 
  • At the Joint Cannabis, one can find a huge and unique collection of smokeware products like bongs, vaporizers, bubblers and pipes. We have a different range of prices for all accessories so you can find something that fits your budget with some extra discounts on this New year sale that will be there for the full month of January. Check out our collection of smoking devices and shop now online or go to our physical locations to buy. 
    • Cleaning and Storage Accessories: 
    When buying cannabis accessories it is also important that you have cleaning and storage accessories for your cannabis products. Cleaning of bongs is very important because if not cleaned properly then there is a chance of getting harmful bacteria that can grow in dirty bong water. You can easily find out how to clean a bong here. Same for the storage container: Without proper storage accessories your dried flowers will quickly dry out affecting the smell, taste and effect. So, having an effective storage container is always a good idea. 

    Are you excited to try some of the discounted cannabis products from this new year’s sale? Browse the cannabis collections from our website or from our physical stores in Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan and try out some new products at unbeatable prices throughout the whole month of January 2022. 


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