7 Must do Activities While High

7 Must do Activities While High

Digital MarketingJan 19, '22

All people feel differently when they are high from weed, and there are an unlimited number of activities that consumers enjoy doing while under the influence of cannabis. When someone has taken CBD or sativa products they might seek out some physical activities like going to the gym, outdoor activity or some work to do. Whereas on the other hand, when someone is high on THC products then they may be looking for some more relaxing activity like watching movies, reading books or practicing meditation and many more. You can buy weed online at our website or you can visit our physical store in Manitoba, Saskatchewan or in Alberta. Here, you can find some ideas for activities to do when you are high. 

Be Creative: 

  • Everyone is unique and has some god gifted skills within them, and cannabis is known to help consumers express their creativity. Painting or drawing is a great option for someone who creates their thoughts in images. It needs a great amount of concentration to get creative, and being under the influence of cannabis can assist you in creating such a state where you can broaden your thinking power. Many Entrepreneurs or computer programmers have indicated that they enjoy the effects of weed when they are doing some creative work or thinking of something new.

Be Active: 

  • Some consumers report that when they are high on cannabis, they enjoy participating in some physical activity like going to the gym, going for a run or cycling etc. Many hikers report enjoying cannabis when they go hiking, as it provides them that extra energy and enjoyment.  

Read a Book: 

  • Reading books is also a great activity when you are high because at that time your mind is thinking more creatively about the things that you are reading. It also helps to brainstorm some extra creative ideas when you are reading. One can easily purchase CBD cannabis products from our physical locations or by order online from our website. 


  • Dance is a good physical activity that one can do when they are under the influence of Cannabis. One can get that extra energy that is needed for Dance. It can help to find new steps and some unique innovation in your dance which makes you different from others.  


  • Meditation is always a good activity to do. And, when you are doing under the effect of Cannabis some meditators have reported that they are able to better dissociate themselves from their stressful life. Meditation helps to improve mind fitness and relaxation. One can choose a morning time while sitting under the morning sunshine to do meditation with fresh air; this is the best environment for meditation.  

Watch A Movie: 

  • If you and your friends enjoy watching movies together then doing so under the effects of cannabis can be a new way of experiencing a movie. One can also do this in a romantic way with their life partner on the day of the wedding anniversary or on the birthday of your partner. Choose the best romantic movie that both of you like and get some extra romance on that day with cannabis.

Go for Outings: 

  • Whether it is winter or summer, cannabis can make any outing more interesting. From going to the beach, or going to a picnic, or just going grocery shopping, going out and about in the world is one of the best activities to do while under the effects of cannabis. Just make sure to stay safe, and never drive under the influence.   

We hope you have gotten some new ideas out of what to do when it comes to activities that go well with cannabis! You can read many other blogs regarding Cannabis and boost your knowledge for Cannabis.

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