Featured Product Of The Month: Monjour CBD Gummies

Featured Product Of The Month: Monjour CBD Gummies

The Joint CannabisJan 21, '22

Once or twice, haven’t we all taken one too many bites of a brownie? Sometimes, it can be tough to choose the right dosage of edibles. And if you’re searching for edibles that contain just CBD (cannabidiol), you might find a limited selection. 

Not anymore. At The Joint, we’re excited to share with you our featured product for this month: Monjour CBD Gummies

Each gummy contains exactly 20 mg of CBD. In every package, you’ll get 30 gummies in 3 different flavours; that’s great value for the price point. Flavour options include: 

  • Sunny Citrus CBD Gummies: These sweet and tasty gummies are the perfect way to start your day. If you love citrus flavours, this is the assortment for you; it contains orange, lemon, and lime. Did we mention that these gummies are vegan-friendly? They’re made without gelatin, so they’re ideal for those with a plant-based diet.
  • Bare Sunny Citrus CBD Gummies: Want to enjoy the delightful taste of a gummy, but without the added sugar? This version is just like the above, but completely sugar-free. 
  • Bare Berry Good Day CBD Gummies: If you prefer berry flavours, try the Berry Good Day variety. Each package includes three flavours: blueberry, strawberry, and wild berry gummies. Trying to reduce your sugar intake? No worries; these gummies are also sugar-free. 

Interested in trying this featured product? Here’s a bit more information about it:

What Are CBD Gummies?

Even though the effects of cannabis are highly subjective, we can all agree that consuming THC is entirely different than consuming CBD. As you might already know, CBD is a pretty unique cannabinoid; unlike THC, CBD does not produce a high or any intoxicating effects

Monjour CBD Gummies are completely free of THC. They only contain CBD isolate. The packages are portable and discreet, so they’re easy to take on the go. These gummies make it painless to measure your dosage; no droppers or measuring spoons are necessary. 

Not only are Monjour CBD Gummies packed with CBD goodness, but they’re also delicious. These flavours are true to their names—you have to try them to know just what we mean. They’re a great way to start your morning or unwind after a busy day.

How Does CBD Relate to Wellness?

Have you heard of a wellness routine? It refers to a daily practice of promoting mental, physical, and spiritual health. The goal is to achieve holistic health. Wellness-centered lifestyles are multidimensional; they involve a healthy diet, physical exercise, and self-care practices (journaling, communicating with others, and expressing emotions). 

Many consumers are reporting that they choose to add CBD gummies to their wellness practices and that it can be a tasty way to complement a balanced, healthy lifestyle. If you’re interested in starting your wellness journey, you might consider incorporating Monjour CBD gummies into your routine. 

Interested in Trying CBD Gummies?

Take on your day with a dosage of Monjour CBD gummies. Whether you’re vegan or watching your sugar intake, there’s a Monjour product for you. Check out these effective, vegan/sugar-free, and mouth-watering CBD gummies today!

At The Joint Cannabis in Winnipeg, we’re always updating our store inventory. Be sure to check back often to see our latest selection of cannabis products. If you want to know more about our products, contact us today!