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5 Ways to Celebrate 710

Nitin ThakurMay 6, '24

The meaning of 710 remains elusive even to many marijuana advocates. This stoner holiday is all about the essence of cannabis, aka concentrates. While it remains somewhat underground, as cannabis consumption becomes more and more mainstream, 420’s sister celebration has started making waves. Whether you’re green when it comes to...

Demystifying Cannabis Strains: A Guide To Choosing The Right Product At The Dispensary

The Joint CannabisOct 13, '23

THC and CBD Content THC and CBD content are two of the most important factors when determining which cannabis strain might be best suited to your preferences, needs, and taste.  For recreational cannabis, THC is the most well-known and well-studied substance. It’s responsible for the high you get when you...

A Beginner's Journey Into The World Of Cannabis: How To Start & What To Know

The Joint CannabisSep 13, '23

Interested in trying cannabis for the first time?  We’re here to help. This guide will teach you what you need to know—read on!  Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids. Oh My! There are hundreds of different cannabis strains—with names like Green Crack, Girl Scout Cookies, Jack Herer, and more. Users report different...

Cannabis In Pop Culture: Exploring Its Influence In Music, Movies & Art

The Joint CannabisSep 11, '23

Overstating the influence cannabis has had on popular culture is close to impossible. From art galleries and cinemas to your music streaming platform of choice, there’s a good chance that many of your faves have smoked a joint or two in their lives. Estimating the impact of marijuana on pop...

Saskatoon Cannabis Shop Opens New Meadows Location

The Joint CannabisSep 6, '23

SASKATOON, SK:  The Joint Cannabis, a leading cannabis dispensary with shops throughout the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, has recently opened its newest location in the growing neighbourhood of Meadows, Saskatoon.  The Joint Meadows is located at 3030 Meadows Pkwy #80 in the Meadows Market area and is open 9...

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