Rigs Explained

The Joint CannabisSep 28, '21

If you’re interested in using a dab rig, you’ll need to learn some new jargon. In this post, we’re going to define a few terms that you’ll come across when shopping for a rig:

Top 5 Cannabis Picks Of The Month

The Joint CannabisAug 30, '21

You know your favourite cannabis strains through and through—but what if there’s something you might like even more? You won’t know until you give it a try.  The challenge is that with so many products available, it’s not easy to make up your mind. Each week, it seems like brands...

Cannabis Slang Words & Where They Came From

The Joint CannabisJul 22, '21

With each passing year, it seems like there are new slang words for cannabis. Some of them are pretty straightforward—there’s weed, pot, or Mary Jane. But others are a bit more obscure. Like, what on Earth is ganja? It makes you wonder how these terms originated. We’ve put together a brief overview of how cannabis slang words have evolved over the years:

Grind The Good Stuff: The Joint’s Guide To Grinders

Digital MarketingJul 5, '21

Whether it's vaping, smoking, or cooking with cannabis, we often take one of the most important pieces of the puzzle for granted, The grinder.  Having the right tool for the job is one of the most important parts of enjoying cannabis properly. From experience, we know better than anyone that nothing ruins...

Cannabis Edibles In Canada Explained

The Joint CannabisJun 23, '21

Edible cannabis comes in all sorts of forms—these days, there are chocolate bars, tea bags, and soft baked goods. Interested in giving edibles a shot? The Joint has a wide selection of tasty edibles. On our website, you can sort by brand name or THC content.