Smoking Devices

Smoking Devices

The best marijuana smoking devices allow you to consume cannabis in a wide variety of ways. No matter your preference, you can find the best smoking device for you for sale right here. 

Smoking Device Types 

Smoking devices come in many sizes and forms to suit your needs. Some of the many types of smoking devices available include bongs, pipes, bubblers, concentrate rigs, and one hitters. All of these smokingd devices can be used with various smoking device accessories

All of the best smoking devices can be made of various materials including glass, silicone and ceramic. Some smoking devices, including concentrate rigs, are used for hash and oil extract type products, while smoking devices like bongs, pipes and bubblers are used mainly for flower type products.  

Smoking devices like bongs require additional smoking device accessories to be used, including stems and bowls, while other smoking device accessories such as ash catchers are optional. Rest assured that all of the bongs at The Joint come with all the required device accessories to use immediately, with extra accessories available when and if you need them.

Featured Smoking Device Brands

At The Joint we carry the largest collection of the best smoking device brands. Some of our most popular glass brands include Tech Tubes, Apex Glass, Tree Glass and Karma Glass, while Dabware silicone smoking devices provide convenient sophistication and peace of mind. With many different brands to choose from, finding a cool smoking device has never been easier.  

Largest Assortment and Lowest Cost

The Joint is proud to offer the largest collection of smoking devices in Canada, combined with the best customer service and the lowest cost, making buying the best smoking device seamless and transparent. 

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