Rolling Trays

Rolling Trays 

Rolling trays are basic but necessary rolling accessories that provide a protected physical area within which to use your papers, filters, cones, grinders, and other rolling supplies. Most rolling trays feature curved edges that prevent cannabis flower from collecting and being wasted unnecessarily.  Using a rolling tray makes it easier to roll cannabis and provides a dedicated space for your session supplies.

Types of Rolling Trays  

Rolling Trays are mainly made of wood and aluminum, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending where and when you intend to use it. Smaller rolling trays, like the Raw Metal Mini Rolling Tray for example, are more portable and easily taken with you, while larger rolling trays like the Raw Metal Large Rolling Tray are designed to be kept in one spot and provide a permanent rolling surface. Rolling trays are a great way to provide a bit of flair and personality to your session space, and many rolling trays provide additional functionality like the Ooze Flow Grinder Tray Combo that includes a built-in grinder. 

Featured Rolling Tray Brands 

At The Joint we carry the largest collection of the best rolling tray brands. Some of our most popular rolling tray brands include Elements, Raw, OCB and Futo. With many different rolling tray brands to choose from, buying raw rolling trays online in Canada has never been easier.  

Largest Assortment and Lowest Cost

The Joint is proud to offer the largest collection of rolling trays in Canada, combined with the best customer service and the lowest cost, making buying the best raw rolling trays in Canada seamless and transparent. 

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