Extraction Accessories

Extraction accessories are used to convert your cannabis flower into homemade edibles and extracts. There are a variety of methods used to make extracts and edibles, with multiple accessory options for each method. 

The process of turning cannabis flower into edibles generally involves decarboxylating the cannabis to convert the THC-A in the cannabis into THC, before infusing the THC into a fat based medium, most often butter or oil. This can be done using many methods, and can be most easily achieved by using an accessory like the popular Magical Butter v2

Some of the many ways of making cannabis extracts on the other hand, involve taking cannabis flower and using a sifter, or ice water and special bags like the Boldtbags 1 Gallon 8 Bag Kit, to mechanically separate the cannabinoid-rich trichomes from the rest of the cannabis plant to create hash. Alternatively, heat and pressure can be applied to the cannabis plant or concentrated trichomes to create a specific oil, commonly called “rosin”, containing concentrated cannabinoids and terpenes that can be consumed using a concentrate rig or concentrate vaporizer. Rosin represents a solventless way of producing full spectrum cannabis extract at home.    

Types of Extraction Accessories

The major types of extraction accessories available here at The Joint can be divided into three distinct categories:

  1. Rosin Accessories

Rosin is made by applying heat and pressure to cannabis (or kief/hash) to produce an oil containing all the active ingredients of the cannabis without any of the extraneous plant matter. The rosin that is created can be consumed using a concentrate vaporizer or concentrate rig, and can be made using a variety of rosin accessories including the popular and easy to use My Rosin Press (Gen. 2) by MyPress. Special bags, including the popular Boldtbags Rosin Bags, are used to ensure all cannabis plant matter is properly filtered during the rosin making process. 

  1. Sifters

Sifters are boxes split into multiple layers with screens that are filled with cannabis and then agitated, causing the trichomes to be mechanically separated from the cannabis and fall into the bottom layer of the sifter which is then collected, similar to the manner in which kief collects at the bottom of a 4 piece grinder. Sifters provide a simple and reliable method of obtaining concentrated cannabis trichomes without using solvents or other complicated methods. The collected trichomes can be consumed on their own, or further processed into other extracts including rosin using various rosin accessories

  1. Edible Kits

Edible Kits include accessories that can be used to infuse cannabis into butter or oil, like the popular Magical Butter v2, as well as products that can be combined with already made cannabis oil to create easy edibles at home, like the Zen Zingers Cannabis Gummy Candy Kit

Featured Extraction Accessory Brands

At The Joint we carry the largest collection of the best extraction accessory brands. Some of our most popular extraction accessory brands include Rosin Press, Magical Butter, Zen ZingersBoldtbags, Herbal Chef and Mighty Fast. With many different extraction accessory brands to choose from, buying cannabis extraction accessories online in Canada has never been easier.  

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The Joint is proud to offer the largest collection of cannabis extraction accessories in Canada, combined with the best customer service and the lowest cost, making buying the best cannabis extraction accessories in Canada seamless and transparent. 

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