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Vaporizers represent a non-combustible way of consuming cannabis flower or extract products. Vaporizers heat up cannabis flower or extracts like wax to the point where the active components, including the cannabinoids and terpenes, are released as vapor that can be inhaled by the consumer, prior to the cannabis flower or extract being combusted and producing smoke. Some specific versions of some popular dry cannabis vaporizers, like the Storz and Bickel Volcano Classic, have been designated as medical devices by Health Canada, and preliminary reviews of the relevant research indicate that “Vapourization of cannabis is likely less harmful than smoking.” 

Vaporizer Types 

Vaporizers can be most easily categorized based on the type of product they are used to consume. Dry cannabis vaporizers, like the Yocan Ishred Dry Vaporizer Kit Grinder Combo are designed to be used with cannabis flower. Concentrate vaporizers, like the popular Yocan Evolve Plus are designed to be used with cannabis concentrates or extracts like wax. Some dry cannabis vaporizers use inhalation systems such as bags that fill with vapor or long plastic mouthpieces, commonly known as “whips”, and some allow the consumer to use both, depending on preference, like the Arizer Extreme-Q Vaporizer. Most concentrate vaporizers, by comparison, generally operate either by pushing a button or by direct