Rollers are simple devices that mechanically assist with the rolling of joints. Using a roller makes it easy for anyone, regardless of experience or ability, to roll consistent, even joints quickly and efficiently. 

To use a roller, simply load it evenly with cannabis flower, and make sure to leave some space for a filter if you are using one. Then close the roller, roll the rollers toward you to even out the material, and load a paper with  the sticky side up, facing your direction. Once only the gum strip is exposed, wet the strip and finish twisting the rollers until the paper is completely fed into the roller. At this point you can open the roller to reveal your perfectly rolled joint. 

Types of Rollers  

Rollers are designed to be able to be taken with you and used portably, wherever you happen to be. Most rollers are therefore made of plastic or aluminum and are relatively small in size. Some rollers, like the popular Raw Roller, are designed specifically to be used with specific papers, like Raw Papers

Featured Roller Brands 

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