One Hitters

One Hitters

A one hitter is a basic cannabis smoking device similar to a pipe that is named directly after its single function. Most one hitters have the size and shape of a traditional cigarette, with one end hollowed out to create a tiny bowl, and a small hole acting as the mouthpiece on the other. One hitters are the most discrete and portable smoking devices available, with these features being balanced by their simplistic and bare-bones pipe-like functionality. When all you need is a pinch on the go, a one hitter may fit the bill. 

Many one-hitters are sold with a dugout, like the Ryot Wooden Dugout which is basically a one hitter box, and enhances a one-hitter’s functionality by providing convenient and odor controlled storage spaces for the one hitter, and a personal amount of cannabis, for effortless transportation and convenience. 

One Hitter Types 

One hitters are usually constructed out of wood, acrylic, and metal. Some one hitters, like the Ryot Wood Bat With Spring feature spring-loaded bowls that easily allow you to discharge and reload the contents of the bowl, while others feature removable glass bowls, like the Ryot Wooden Taster Bat with Glass Tip. One hitter pipes are small enough that they allow for a lot of design creativity,  resulting in there being something for everyone’s tastes like the multi-coloured Ryot Long Acrylic Bat.

Featured One Hitter Brands

At The Joint we carry the largest collection of the best one hitter brands. Some of our most popular one hitter brands include Ryot and Simple. With many different brands to choose from, buying a one hitter box or one hitter pipe online in Canada has never been easier.  

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