Other Rolling

Other Rolling Accessories

Other rolling accessories that we carry at The Joint round out your cannabis flower smoking experience and let you get the most out of your session. These accessories include roach clips, silicone spliffers and aluminum storage tubes. 

Types of Other Rolling Accessories  

Some of the other rolling accessories you can buy at The Joint include roach clips, like the King Palm Extendable Roach Clip to ensure your fingers stay safe while getting the last of your joint. Dabware Silicone Splifflers allow you to do the same thing, and have the added advantage of creating a more hygienic, non-contact smoking method you can use when sharing joints with friends. Raw Aluminum Storage Tubes allow you to keep odours to a minimum while transporting your joints from place to place.

Featured Other Rolling Accessory Brands

At The Joint we carry the largest collection of the best rolling accessory brands. Some of our most popular brands include Raw, Dabware, Futo and King Palm. With many different rolling accessory brands to choose from, buying rolling accessories online in Canada has never been easier.  

Largest Assortment and Lowest Cost

The Joint is proud to offer the largest collection of rolling accessories in Canada, combined with the best customer service and the lowest cost, making buying the best rolling accessories in Canada seamless and transparent. 

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