Device Accessories

Device Accessories

Device accessories refer to all of the numerous parts and pieces that support and maintain your primary smoking device. While your primary device sold at The Joint comes with all the pieces you need to use it right away, extra device accessories may be used to add additional functionality, as well as individualized flair, to your preferred smoking device

Device Accessory Types 

There are a number of different types of device accessories available for sale online at The Joint, including the following types:

  1. Ash Catchers

Ash Catchers are designed to prevent ashes from your smoked cannabis flower entering your bong by creating an additional chamber to catch them. The ash catcher can then be cleaned and maintained while your bong remains clean without collecting and retaining cannabis resin. Ash catchers also provide an opportunity to add additional percolation to your consumption experience, like with the Karma Glass Honeycomb ash catcher

There are two main considerations to keep in mind when purchasing an ash catcher. The first thing to ensure is that the angle of the joint on the ash catcher matches the angle of the joint on the stem of your bong. For bongs that have built-in, 90 degree stems, like the Tree Glass 12” Fat Triple Dome Perc Bong, you want to purchase a 90 degree ash catcher. For bongs with 45 degree angled stems, like the Apex 9” Value Straight, you want to purchase a 45 degree ash catcher.  

The second thing you want to ensure is that the sizes of the joints on the ash catcher match the sizes of the joints on the stem and bowl of your bong. There are two main sizes available, 14 mm and 19 mm. You should double check the size of your current stem and bowl before purchasing an ash catcher to make sure it fits when it arrives! Keep in mind that it is possible to create setups that utilize ash catchers with both 14mm and 19mm joints - one for the bowl and one for the stem - the potential options are endless!

  1. Bowls

Bowls are a primary part of most cannabis flower smoking devices and hold the cannabis itself while it is ignited and inhaled by the consumer. The main consideration when purchasing a bowl is to ensure the size matches your current device’s stem size of either 14mm or 19mm. Other than built-in bowls, bowls are almost always made of glass to provide the cleanest and most flavorful experience. Bowls come in a practically infinite variety of sizes, colors and shapes, with multiple built-in screen designs available, with some really cool ones including the Karma 14mm Black and Shade Cylindrical Bowl and the Tech Tubes Single Wall 19mm Bowl

  1. Stems

Stems are a primary part of bongs, and connect the main base of the bong directly with the bowl, or alternatively with an ash catcher. Stems are available in 14mm and 19mm sizes depending on the fitting of the bong it is used with. Stems may be used to add additional functionality to your bong by providing increased percolation, like with the Apex Downstem Flush Mount, available in various lengths to fit any bong

  1. Bangers

Bangers are used with concentrate rigs in the place of bowls, to hold cannabis concentrate and extract products before they are inhaled by the consumer. Bangers, as opposed to bowls, are usually made of quartz instead of glass to ensure they can withstand direct high heat from torches without cracking or breaking. Similar to bowls, bangers come in both 14mm and 19mm sizes and, similar to ash catchers, come with both 45 degree and 90 degree angles, to fit any concentrate rig setup. Some bangers feature additional functional properties, such as thermal bangers, like the Cannaccessories Quarts Thermo Banger, which restricts the area in which the cannabis extract concentrates, allowing the banger to retain heat more effectively and provide more control to the user over the banger’s precise temperature. 

  1. Carb Caps

Carb Caps are another device accessory used with concentrate rigs, and specifically with bangers. Carb caps are used to modulate airflow into the banger during inhalation, with the carb cap being placed on top of the banger when the user desires to restrict the airflow available, allowing for more concentrated hits than would otherwise be possible. Carb caps are usually made out of glass and quartz, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, like the Cannaccessories Premium Colour Spinner Carb Cap, available in multiple colors to match your setup. 

  1. Dabbers

Dabbers are basic device accessories used with cannabis extracts and are simply used to handle the extract and move it from its container into a banger or concentrate vaporizer for inhalation. Dabbers are commonly made out of both glass and metal, and sometimes come with silicone tips like the Dabware 6.5” Silver Dabber with Silicone Tips.  

  1. Screens

Screens are basic device accessories that are used with cannabis flower accessories including smoking devices and dry cannabis vaporizers and prevent cannabis from being inhaled through a bowl and into a smoking device prior to being combusted or vaporized effectively. Screens come in a variety of materials including glass and metal, and different sizes to fit your specific bowl and smoking device.  

Featured Device Accessory Brands

At The Joint we carry the largest collection of the best device accessory brands. Some of our most popular glass device accessory brands include Cannaccesories, Futo, Ace LabzTech Tubes, Apex Glass, Tree Glass and Karma Glass, while the Dabware silicone device accessories provide convenient sophistication and peace of mind. With many different brands to choose from, buying a cannabis device accessory online in Canada has never been easier.  

Largest Assortment and Lowest Cost

The Joint is proud to offer the largest collection of cannabis device accessories in Canada, combined with the best customer service and the lowest cost, making buying the best cannabis device accessory online in Canada seamless and transparent. 

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