Grinders are used to shred and crumble cannabis flower to prepare it for consumption. Grinders are considered basic and primary cannabis accessories by many consumers, and are more efficient than using hands or scissors to accomplish the same task. Many grinders are made out of aluminum, although plastic and wood are also occasionally used. Some grinders, like the Wolf Grinders Combo Crusher All In One, come with additional functionality like built-in pipes and lighter holders, while others, like the PenSimple Original, are electric rather than hand-powered. 

Grinder Types 

Grinders come in two basic types:

2 piece grinders: Constructed out of two pieces, these grinders are the most portable and economical grinders available. However they do not have a screen or extra kief-collection area like 4 piece grinders. 

4 piece grinders: Like the name implies, these grinders are constructed out of 4 pieces, resulting in three layers - one with teeth that grinds cannabis flower, a second that holds it for consumption with a screen at the bottom, and a third that collects kief through the screen. 

Both 2 piece and 4 piece grinders come in numerous sizes and styles, ensuring that everyone can find the perfect grinder. 

Featured Grinder Brands

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