Don't Like Smoking? Try 5 Alternate ways to consume Cannabis

Don't Like Smoking? Try 5 Alternate ways to consume Cannabis

Digital MarketingNov 15, '21

Many people are hesitant to smoke cannabis owing to evidence that it can be harmful to your health. For those who prefer not to smoke, we have 5 alternate ways to consume Cannabis which are easy and lung friendly. Here in this article you will find all the methods you may need to consume cannabis. And with The Joint Cannabis you do not need to worry about driving to the store to buy cannabis; we provide Cannabis Delivery online in Manitoba and Saskatchewan so you can place your order online at our website. The following are different ways to consumer cannabis that do not involve smoking:


One of the major innovations that has happened in the Cannabis industry is the introduction of legal edible products. If you plan to order Cannabis edibles online then you have many options to choose from like cannabis drinks, cannabis gummies, cannabis cookies, cannabis brownies and many more. You can also find many cooking recipes that include Cannabis such as cannabis butter, Cannabis Nachos, Cannabis Fries, Cannabis pasta etc. We can predict that In the future, you may even be able to order edible cannabis products at your favourite restaurant or bar. 

Vaping :

Vaping is the closest and most similar method of consuming cannabis to smoking without the smoke. The idea behind vaping is that the cannabis is heated by a vaporizer until the cannabinoids and terpenes boil off and vaporize, without any combustion of the cannabis plant itself. Because it produces a similar effect to smoking, many consumers have successfully converted to vaporizers. Many people voted that Vaping is the most enjoyable way of consuming Cannabis. At “The Joint Cannabis”, you can buy best vaporizers with all popular brands namely Yo-can, Arizer, X-Vape, Pax and many more.  

Tablets, Capsules and Pills : 

As the name suggests, these products are tablets or pills like normal medical pills but contain Cannabis concentrated oils. These tablets are available in different doses with different THC and CBD ratios. The most recommended way is to start low and go slow and feel the effect and then adjust the dosage accordingly. Tablets and Pills are the same as edibles in that they do not take effect immediately after consuming them, it takes some time to feel the effect, but it also lasts longer than smoking or vaping.

Powder : 

THC and/or CBD powder is a new type of cannabis product that contains water-soluble cannabis so it can be mixed with any drink you want. There are a variety of different types of powers available in different flavors and THC/CBD ratios.

Cannabis Topicals : 

Cannabis topicals represent the latest innovation in cannabis products. These products include Cannabis infused Creams, Balms, Lotions and bath products. They come in various flavors like normal lotions and cream. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before applying it, and make sure you keep it in a safe place like any other cannabis products. Proofly, Livrelief and Eve & co are some of our favorite brands for the Cannabis Topicals. 

We hope you have learned some new ways that you can consume cannabis. Stop by any Joint location or shop online at our website with shipping available across Manitoba and Saskatchewan. 


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