Original Stash - Setting A New Trend

The Joint CannabisMar 20, '20

Original Stash gives cannabis consumers exactly what they want: quality cannabis that competes with black market prices. Original Stash products are simple and straight forward. It’s the reason to go legal. Proudly grown in Quebec. Original Stash's OS.130 is a mid-THC, sativa-dominant hybrid flower blend that delivers earthy, woody and...

Whistler Cannabis Co - Build By A Community Of Growers

The Joint CannabisMar 10, '20

Right From The Source A couple things Whistler Cannabis Co. has to say about their company Built by a community of growers who believe in the difference of growing naturally, we produce products we love, in a place we love. Our journey to becoming Canada's first organic certified cannabis farmers...

Benchmark Botanics Dela Haze Sets A New Benchmark

The Joint CannabisFeb 21, '20

Introducing The Joint’s strain of the month, Dela haze, a long-time cultural favorite and currently available locally by Benchmark Botanics in Saskatchewan. Dela haze is a classic sativa-classified strain originally bred and sold by the powerhouse Paradise Seeds from the Netherlands. Dela haze was created by combining Mango Haze with...

Broken Coast Cannabis - Small Batch, High Grade

The Joint CannabisFeb 10, '20

Broken Coast Cannabis is a medical marijuana producer based in British Columbia, licensed under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, and adhering to the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. Broken Coast is 100% Canadian owned and operated.  Established in 2013 in three modest warehouse units, Broken Coast acquired the fourth license...

Featured Brand: Boveda - Dry Cannabis Problems No More

The Joint CannabisDec 30, '19

Before Boveda, it was difficult, if not impossible to control humidity for moisture-sensitive products, like cigars, cannabis and wooden instruments.  Boveda (pronounced Boh-vuh-duh) invented the world’s first 2-way humidity control in a ready-to-use packet. Inside Boveda’s semipermeable membrane contains all-natural salts and purified water.