Hemp Rolling Papers 1.25 With Tips 40 Pack

King Palm


Customers know and love King Palm for their high-quality rolling supplies and accessories. Each booklet is packed with 40 leaves and 40 unrolled paper filter tips. Roll up a tip and either free hand roll the joint or use a rolling machine for a more uniform roll. Each booklet has a magnet on the flap to keep it securely closed and the papers protected between uses.

Hemp papers are a new addition to the King Palm product line. Made using the finest hemp fibers, these 100% hemp papers are a great alternative to traditional rolling papers.
These are 1 ¼ size rolling papers. They can fit up to 0.75g of ground product inside.
These are natural hemp papers and are unflavored. They will amplify the taste of whatever is rolled up inside.
These are 40-pack booklets. Each book includes 40 leaves and 40 unrolled paper filter tips.
This is a slim and compact counter display that is a seamless addition to the rest of your King Palm products. 

What's In The Box
1 booklet of 40 Hemp Rolling Papers and Filter Tips