Pre-Rolled Cones 1.25 6 Pack Natural

King Palm


King Palm Hemp Cones are made with only the finest hemp fibers. These papers produce a slow, even burn and make the herbs inside taste great. These are 1 ¼ size cones that have a tapered shape that is easy to pack.

Get it poppin’ with King Palm hemp cones! These pre-rolled cones are made of natural hemp paper with a paper filter tip.
Each pre-rolled cone includes a rolled paper filter tip. This catches debris before it’s inhaled, helps cool the smoke, and helps the cone keep its shape.
These are 1 ¼ size pre-rolled cones. They can fit approximately 0.75g of flower inside.
These king size cones come with 3 cones in each box.

What's In The Box
1 Box with 3 cones