Pre-Rolled 1.25 Cones and Pop Tips 6 Pack Fruit Passion

King Palm


Pinch the filter tip until the little ball inside pops. Once this happens, the terpenes are released into the filter and will mix with the smoke as it’s inhaled. This design prevents the added terpenes from touching the flame, which ensures no harmful fumes are released. These are a clean way to enjoy a flavored smoke!  
The cone will only be flavored once the ball is popped, otherwise it will taste like a natural, unflavored cone. It can be popped before the first hit, or halfway through the session, it’s all down to personal preference.

Get it poppin’ with King Palm hemp cones! These pre-rolled cones are made of natural hemp paper with a paper filter tip that has an infused flavor bead inside.
Pinch the filter until it pops to activate the cone's flavor. Natural fruit terpenes are used to complement the natural flavors of the flower.
These are 1 ¼ size pre-rolled cones. They can fit approximately 0.75g of flower inside.
Squeeze the filter to pop the flavor bead and activate the flavor. The cone will taste unflavored until the bead is popped.

What's In The Box
1 Box with 6 cones