Pre-Roll 1.25 Cones With Wax Tips and Flower Seeds



Bloomer Cones are handcrafted artisanal cones made of unbleached French paper and a revolutionary tip. A Bloomer Tip is made of wax and has cute little hearts as the airflow holes. The wax is 100% biodegradable. Toss the tip right in the grass after the cone has been smoked, or plant it, and watch flowers grow to help save the bees.

Bloomer Cones are designed to eliminate litter and help save the bees! These cones are 100% decomposable and are designed to improve the environment.
These are standard 1 ¼ size pre-rolled cones. They can be packed with roughly 0.75g of flower. 
Bloomer Cones are 100% organic, vegetarian, and come in reusable cardboard matchbox packaging. 
These cones are engineered and made in the USA! Bloomer Cones are designed and created in Miami, Florida. 
Bloomer Cones come in boxes that include 6 cones with 6 wildflower tips. Each 

What's In The Box
1 box with 6 cones and wildflower tips.