Hemp Wraps Pink Lemonade Pack of 2

King Palm


Hemp Wraps from King Palm provide a traditional blunt experience without the harshness and tar that comes with tobacco wraps. These hemp wraps are infused with natural fruit flavors that complement the natural flavors in the herb. Roll the blunt up with a flavored filter tip, and then squeeze to pop the flavor pearl inside to activate the flavor boost. 

Get it poppin’ with King Palm hemp wraps! These blunt wraps are made using 100% hemp and include a hemp filter tip. 
Each wrap comes with an accompanying hemp filter tip. Natural terpenes inside the filter’s flavor pearl complement the natural terpene flavors in the flower.
Take the tobacco out the of the blunt smoking experience! Hemp wraps roll up nicely and securely stay closed, providing that robust blunt experience without having to inhale any tobacco smoke.
Squeeze the filter to pop the flavor bead and activate the flavor. Only the wrap will have flavor until the filter is popped. 
Hemp Cones are available in 2pk pouches that include 2 filter tips.

What's In The Box
1 pouch with 2 packs and filter tips.