Cylindrical Rainbow Dugout - Large

Genuine Pipe Co.



The Genuine Pipe Co. Dugout offers a useful smoking accessory that has become a classic among many mobile smokers. This dugout comes with a one-hitter style pipe and 2 compartments milled into it. The first compartment holds your spring-activated, easily-accessible one-hitter, the second is a larger chamber for storing your ground cannabis. Either chamber can be accessed by simply twisting the lid of the dugout to expose both. Simply tap your one-hitter down into the cannabis compartment to fill, light the filled end, and inhale from the other end to use.Made from wood materials, these dugouts provide a classic aesthetic while remaining a simple but useful addition to any smoker’s tool box.


Durable wood construction

Storage for smoking blends

Easy to use


1 Genuine Pipe Co. Cylindrical Rainbow Dugout - Large