Hemp 1 1/4 Rolling Papers

Big Bark

Big Bark Hemp rolling papers provide a clean and smooth smoking experience. They are made with 100% organic, unbleached hemp perfect for health conscious connoisseurs and new rollers alike. These papers have no chemicals or chlorine added, so the papers remain a natural brown colour. Big Bark uses natural Arabic gum as a way to seal your papers without the use of animal by-products, this type of glue sticks easily so there’s no need to over-lick. These papers burn slow and evenly, so you don’t have to keep re-lighting.

Magnetic Closure
1 .25 Size
80 Papers and 80 Tips
100% Pure Hemp
100% Organic
Chlorine free
Arabic Gum
Slow Burning

What's In The Box
1x BigBark HEMP 1 1/4 Rolling Papers