Hemp Mandala Design Series 4 Piece 2.5" Grinder



These Pulsar Design Series Metal Grinders feature the Hemp Mandala design, depicting a hemp leaf mandala with a watchful eye at the center, with matching side art. The grinders have a 4-piece build with sharp, diamond-shaped cutting teeth. The ground herb is deposited in the center storage chamber, which allows for instant easy access to your customer's herb material. In the base of the grinder, kief and terp crystals that fall through the sifting screen collect in the pollen chamber for future use. These durable metal grinders will provide your customers with fluffy ground herb, perfect for packing bowls, water pipes, and joints!

2.5 inches wide
4-piece hardtop herb grinder
Hemp Mandala design w/ matching side art
Durable metal build
Sharp cutting teeth
Magnetic lid w/ textured grip
Sifting screen & pollen chamber w/ scrape tool
Pulsar Design Series

What's In The Box
1 Pulsar Grinder 4 Piece