STLTH Pro Pods Cappuccino Ice




STLTH PRO POD PACK Cappuccino Ice - A unique and captivating blend of velvety Cappuccino Ice and refreshing ice. 

Exclusively designed to work with the STLTH PRO DEVICE, the STLTH PRO Pods offer an elevated flavour experience with new vertical mesh coil technology and an upgraded e-liquid capacity of 4 mL.

The unique nicotine formulation of STLTH PRO Pods is specially crafted for a supremely smooth experience, catering to adult smokers seeking a seamless transition from conventional tobacco products. Their convenient visible e-liquid design and soft tip mouthpiece provides an easy and comfortable user experience. Available in 15 flavours, each STLTH PRO POD PACK includes two pod cartridges.

Designed for the STLTH PRO Device
Visible E-liquid Design
Soft Tip Mouthpiece 
Integrated Vertical Mesh Coil For Superior Flavour Delivery
Includes Two 4.0 mL Pod Cartridges Per Pack

What's In the Box
Each Pod Pack Includes Two Pods