No. 570 Wild Berry THC Gummies

Haven St. Premium

  • THC 10.00 mg
  • CBD 0.00 mg

Edibles Solids - Haven St. Premium No. 570 Wild Berry THC Gummies

Haven St. Rise No. 570 Wild Berry Gummy is bursting with berry and fruity flavours that are always in season. The bold and delicious berry flavour is balanced by mild earthy notes. Made with high-quality cannabis extract and natural flavours, our recipe is designed to deliver a consistent flavour and potency. Crafted in small batches, each pack contains one unique jewel-shaped gummy with 10mg of THC and natural terpenes. Haven St. gummies are a flavourful, consistent and convenient way to explore Haven St.


THC: 10.00 mg

CBD: 0.00 mg