Purple Chitral Flower

San Rafael '71

  • THC 13.00 - 21.00%
  • CBD 0.00 - 1.00%

Dried Cannabis - San Rafael '71 Purple Chitral Flower

Purple Chitral is a mid-potency indica flower that historically arises from a cross between the UK Cheese and Pakistani Kush strains. Dark purple and green, it has a unique shape made up of calyxes resembling a cluster of concord grapes. Its blend of myrcene and alpha-pinene terpenes give it an earthy aroma with hints of mango and pine. Our flower is grown with care to the highest quality standards. We hand finish our bud and then hand bottle it, so you get more nugs and less shake.


THC: 13.00 - 21.00%

CBD: 0.00 - 1.00%