Blend 14 Pre-Roll


Cannabis Weight

$10.20 $6.80/g

  • THC 14.00 - 17.00%
  • CBD 0.00 - 1.00%

Dried Cannabis - Canaca - Blend 14 Pre-Roll

Canaca’s Blend 14 pre-rolls are made with a blend of indica-dominant hybrid strains with a terpene profile featuring pinene, (found in pines, rosemary and sage); myrcene, (found in mango, lemongrass, hops); and trans-caryophyllene, (found in black pepper, cloves, and cinnamon). This hybrid greenhouse-grown blend has a medium THC potency, very low CBD levels and was hanged dried. Comes in a pack of three 0.5 g pre-rolls.

Indica Dominant 

THC: 14.00-17.00%      CBD: 00.00 - 01.00%