Chocolate Hashberry 1-1 THC-CBD Bath Bomb

Stewart Farms

  • THC 50.00 mg
  • CBD 50.00 mg

Cannabis Topicals - Stewart Farms Chocolate Hashberry 1-1 THC-CBD Bath Bomb

The aromatic cultivar known as Chocolate Hashberry is the result of a cross between two classic Kush cuts; Chocolate Kush and Blackberry Kush, resulting in a robust and delicious aroma. Handcrafted and thoughtfully designed with a balanced ratio of THC & CBD, loaded with nourishing all natural and organic ingredients and wrapped in 100% biodegradable packaging. Dominant terpenes: myrcene, beta-caryophyllene and limonene.


THC: 50.00 mg

CBD: 50.00 mg