Bubba Kush 1-1 THC-CBD Bath Bomb

Stewart Farms


$11.10 $0.08/g

  • THC 42.50 - 57.50 mg
  • CBD 42.50 - 57.50 mg

Cannabis Topicals - Stweart Farms Bubba Kush 1-1 THC-CBD Bath Bomb

Inspired by the timeless cultivar Bubba Kush, this calming bath bomb by Stewart Farms has soothing notes of lavender, white grapefruit, and cassia essential oils. Made with moisturizing mango butter and aromatic essential oil blends these handcrafted bath bombs are infused with a balance of THC and CBD and packaged in 100% biodegradable, micro plastic free packaging.


THC: 42.50 - 57.50 mg

CBD: 42.50 - 57.50 mg