Dried Flower or Edibles? Which one Should you Choose and Why?

Dried Flower or Edibles? Which one Should you Choose and Why?

Digital MarketingOct 28, '21

There has always been an animated discussion in the cannabis community over whether dried cannabis flower or cannabis edibles provide the best cannabis experience. It can be somewhat of a controversial topic, and everyone has different opinions so reasonable people can disagree. Some consumers prefer dried cannabis flowers as they like to stay as close to the plant itself as possible, whereas others love the ability to consume cannabis without the need for smoking or vaping, so they prefer edibles. Many consumers love both and use them on different occasions. Luckily for all involved, both of these options are easily available at your nearest cannabis store like The Joint Cannabis or you can also order weed online at The Joint Cannabis website for ultimate convenience. Whether you are looking to buy cannabis edibles online or dried flower offline, The Joint Cannabis has you covered! 

There are a few major differences between consuming cannabis in dried flower form and edibles. The most important difference relates to the length of the effects. While all products are different, cannabis edibles generally take longer to take effect, but the effect lasts a lot longer as well. Dried flower on the other hand, generally takes effect much quicker, and the effects are more short lasting. 

Available options to consume for Dried Flowers:  

  • Smoking: 

This is by far the most common and preferred choice among weed consumers when it comes to consuming dried flower. This option involves combusting the cannabis flowers to release smoke which is then inhaled. There are a number of options when it comes to accessories that can be used for smoking dried flowers including joints, pipes and bongs. Nowadays, pre-rolled joints are also available at your nearest cannabis store like The Joint Cannabis that makes smoking a joint a breeze. If you enjoy smoking dried flower, remember to purchase a grinder to ensure the best experience. The Joint Cannabis has a huge variety of the best grinders for all of your cannabis consumption needs. 

  • Vaping: 

Vaping is a more advanced and sophisticated method of consuming cannabis that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. This method involves heating up the cannabis flowers until the cannabinoids and terpenes turn to vapor and are then inhaled. Vaping allows you to obtain a more flavorful experience than smoking as no combustion of the plant itself takes place. There are many different kinds of vaporizers available at The Joint Cannabis with unique features, different sizes, and different hating mechanisms. They range from small portable units to large desktop units.  

Many Cannabis Edible Options Available: 

Since legalization of cannabis in Canada, many consumers have begun to buy cannabis edibles online, including from their nearest cannabis store like the Joint Cannabis. When it comes to edibles, the sky's the limit in terms of what forms these products can take. Any food product that you can think of can be turned into an edible, and there are many creative products available with very unique tastes. Always remember to start low and go slow when it comes to edibles, as they can be very strong, and should always be kept securely away from children. Some of the many edible products that are available include: 

  • Cookies: 

A longtime cannabis culture favorite, cannabis infused cookies are some of the most popular products. Any cookie recipe you can think of, including all of your favorites, can be made using cannabis as an ingredient to make it a cannabis edible product. Cookies are generally very simple and easy to make which makes them a popular option. There are multiple options when it comes to how you add your cannabis as well, such as using cannabis oil, cannabis butter, cannabis sugar, etc. Making cannabis cookies is as easy as replacing the oil and/or butter in the original recipe with cannabis oil and/or butter to make cannabis cookies. 

  • Gummies: 

Gummies are the most popular legal cannabis edible product in Canada and come in a wide variety of shapes and flavors including apple, pineapple, strawberry, grape and many more. Some of the popular gummy brands include Spinach, Shred’ems, TwD, and Wana. 

  • Drinks: 

If you are interested in consuming cannabis in liquid form then cannabis beverage products may be right for you. Cannabis drinks are some of the newest cannabis products available and options available include sodas, seltzers, teas, and drops that can themselves be mixed into your favorite drink of choice.. 

Cannabis food Recipes: Always remember that you can make cannabis edibles yourself at home, using either water soluble cannabis products or cannabis oils that can be mixed directly into recipes. Try out your favorite recipe, edible style! You can think outside the box and create virtually anything, including cannabis pasta, cannabis cake, cannabis brownies, cannabis toast, and cannabis Ice cream. You can also use cannabis butter on your steak if you want!


Between all the dried flower and edible options, it can get a little overwhelming. If you want to see what types of products are available and browse before you buy, you can buy cannabis edibles online at The Joint Cannabis after perusing our large variety of products. Alternatively you can find your nearest cannabis store and order in person, the choice is yours!