RTL Disposable Vape Pop Hybrid Mega Mesh 5500 Puff Rainbow Twist 2.0%

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The perfect blend of premium quality hybrid nicotine mixture in supreme disposable style has been launched by Pop Vapor. Pop Hybrid Mega Mesh carries a powerful 5500 puff capacity vape device with mesh technology that helps your recharge the device in case the battery runs out before using the entire juice tank. The pop hybrid mega mesh disposables are available in 13 flavours. Features Flavour: Rainbow Twist Rechargeable vape device with mesh coil technology w/ mini USB port. Puffs : Up to 5500 Nicotine Strength: 20mg Hybrid E-Liquid Volume: 12mL Battery Capacity : 1000mAh What's In The Box 1 - Pop Hybrid Mega Mesh Disposable Vape