CBG+CBD Infused Pre-Rolls


  • THC 0.00 - 10.00 mg/g
  • CBD 200.00 mg/g

Extracts Inhaled - DayDay CBG+CBD Infused Pre-Rolls

Fresh harvest cannabis infused with CBG & CBD extracts and natural terpenes. Elevated levels of CBG (20%) and CBD (20%)—500mg of each per pack—create supercharged pre-rolls ideal for daytime use. Nine botanical terpenes are added to the 10+ terpenes native to the plant to enhance the entourage effect. Infusion of the extracts results in a smooth and clean burn, while the terp and flavour blend provides a burst of mango and citrus with every puff. Enjoy Canada’s first low-THC pre-rolls specifically designed for daytime use.


THC: 0.00 - 10.00 mg/g
CBD: 200.00 mg/g